Tire Fun

Join Executive Tire for some historical film fun!

Tire Hydroplaning

The video shows how and why automobile tires lose contact with wet pavements and the relationship between speed, tire wear, and water depth. The dangers of hydroplaning are emphasized. Watch Video

America’s Safest Tire

Made for Fish tires, this short film (an early type of infomercial) was probably made around 1940. It was well done and got the point across about the safety features of Fisk tires. Watch Video

Chance You Take – General Tire

A very effective and gripping short on tires safety and why you should buy General tires. The short begins on how every man should be safe from men doing window cleaning on high rises (he falls!) to behind the wheel of your car. A nice cavalcade of smashed in cars are shown, and several test car crashes. All of this can be avoided of course, by using General Tires. A very nice comparison between ‘normal’ tires and the ultra-superior General Tire. A pretty effective selling tool, especially with those stock shots of families, asking whether your family is worth it…Watch Video

How To Avoid An Accident

What starts out as a standard ‘slow down’ movie curiously becomes this infomerical, only, um, they didn’t exist then, for General Tire’s new ‘ Super Squeegee Tires’ which promoted a lot less skid than normal tires, but STILL goes for about at least 10 feet when you jam on the brakes when you’re going 60mph LOL. It also tells of the comfort going over ‘chuckholes’ (Is that what pot holes were called back then?) and the tires helping you PARK better. Very odd.Watch Video

Under The Tread

Fun little overview of what was required to make a tire during the early years of tire making. Im quite positive this has ALL been simplified, right? I mean, adding layer by layer of fabric, then molding it, cooking it, popping it, treading it etc took a LOT of work and manpower. Heaven knows what these things cost, because of the manpower etc. Even for those days Im sure they cost an arm and a leg. This was a interesting education for sure.Watch Video